Workshops, Seminars and Activities for Students

  • Activity & Games session to welcome Class XI.
  • ‘Let’s have some fun’ – Interactive session for Class XI & XII.
  • Regular Personality Development Sessions for Classes X, XI & XII.
  • Session on Stress Management for Classes XI & XII.
  • Special Gaming Session for Class X during visit of German Delegates.
  • Career Counselling Session by Crest Counselling for Classes XI & XII.
  • Regular Games/Activities/Presentations/Questionnaires/Proformas/Group Discussions on Life Skills for all classes.
  • Public Speaking Sessions conducted for classes III to VIII.
  • Regular Personality Development Session for Classes XI & XII.
  • Activity and Games session for Classes XI & XII.
  • Stress Management Workshop for Class XI.
  • Anger Management Workshop for Class XI.
  • Smart’ – Creativity Workshop for Class X.
  • Life Skills Workshop for Classes IX & X.
  • Workshop on Time Management for Class X.
  • Workshop on Communicating Effectively – Verbal / Non-Verbal / Interpersonal / Active Listening for Class X.
  • Career Counselling session with emphasis on aptitude testing for Class X.
  • Workshop by Income Tax Department for Classes XI & XII.
  • Special session by RBI for Classes XI & XII.
  • Session for admission to National Junior College, Singapore for Classes XI & XII.
  • Workshop on Cyber Security and Robotics for Classes VI – X.
  • Regular Games/Activities / Presentations / Questionnaires / Proformas / Group Discussions on Value Education for all classes.
  • Workshop on Singapore Scholarship Programme for Class VIII.
  • Workshop on Leadership for Middle School.
  • Princeton Review SAT Workshop for Classes XI & XII.





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